SuperWorks is a decentralized agency focused on strategy, branding and digital implementation. We work in autonomous partnerships with creatives around the globe; delivering impactful outcomes for organizations and individuals turning the balance in favor of equitable, feasible and renewable futures. We believe in optimizing the potential of ideas through creativity and collaboration with a focus on health, education, art and the built environment; making our communities more resilient through good design.

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Based on methods from the d.school at Stanford, we use radical collaboration (with you, your audience and your stakeholders) to tap into the insights that allow to unlock the potential of an idea, a service, a product, or an entire organization. Then we map the system, design a strategy and help you implement it, so your product will not only viable, but successful.


With a decade of experience and a team from CCA design programs, we use technology to create accessible digital environments that encourage connection and engagement. By combining innovation with a human-first approach, we create an ideal experience for people to get to know your work.


We work with top-notch graphic designers, illustrators and animators and go through a holistic process to define the needs and create an identity aligned to the values, the audience and the aesthetics of your brand and product.


We are platform agnostic. We leverage the agility and strength of open-source technology and combine it with ready-made tools to come up with highly functional, state-of-the-art solutions; our teams of trusted partners around the globe is always experimenting with the latest technologies, as well as mastering the ones that are here to stay.


Because we create organisms and eco-systems that are alive and evolving, we are strategic partners that take the journey with you.


Our Work

Making an impact starts with making a clear and meaningful connection. Good design does this.

Our Team

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MARS [Manuelita Antonio Rangel­ Sosa] was born in the Venezuelan Andes into a big family. Having earned her Masters in Architecture [Universidad de Los Andes] at the age of 21 she moved to Australia in search of adventure, finding herself at the University of Melbourne in the English Studies department. Upon her return to the Motherland, MARS kept herself in the safety of academia; being part of the team that started Caracas Urban Think Tank as an experimental Urban Studies Graduate Program [Universidad Central]. Following a failed coup d’ètat and facing the temporary closure of the University, Manuelita serendipitously moved to San Francisco in 2003 and decided to call it home. After a decade in Architectural Publishing [William Stout] and exploring subjects related to Machines [Flight Academy, Public Bikes], she made a return to Design [McCalman.co] in 2013. In 2014 she co­founded an Art Collective [The Absurdist] and in 2015 decided to start her own Studio: SUPERWORKS. Since 2017 she has also coordinated the One Plus Program at Public Architecture, doing her part on the social impact front. Her passions include: poetry, swimming, absurd machines, motherhood, and the future of work.

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Manuelita Antonio Rangel Sosa

Creative Director

Founder / Director
[ c l o s e ]

Waham dedicated his early studies to Computer Science & Human Interaction [Universidad de Los Andes], always trying to find a common ground between simplicity, functionality and beauty. During his time in Graduate School [Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne] he studied Robotics and work as an A.I researcher. In San Francisco he dedicated his time to Electronic Music Production. He has created minimalistic sounds in an attempt to transport listeners to unique spaces, inadvertently making them become part of a neurological experience. Now he has decided to commit his time to the digital realm in an effort to help individuals and companies find the connection between technology and art. Waham has joined SUPERWORKS in the belief that it’s the perfect platform to build that bridge, and create interfaces that reflect this philosophy.

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Juan Carlos López Ortega

Binary Sculptor

Web Development

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